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"Janet's Butterfly"

Although irrationally phobic of just about every insect on earth, the artist maintains a love and affinity for butterflies.  This is one of 3 pieces he's done to date in homage to the beautiful and delicate creatures. Note: The original drawing was created for and given to the artist's mother in law, whose name is Janet and whom he loves dearly.  See also "Flutter Bye" and "Rhopalocera in Harmony".  

Pen & Ink Drawing, 2021.  Original is 11" x 14", which is optimal print size for full scope of line work detail, and why there are not larger size options for this particular print.  (Generating a print larger than the original can compromise the clarity and sharpness of the line work).

Printed on high quality, 176gsm uncoated paper.  Printed in the USA.

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